Some driving instructors talk about freedom and independence, but lets us show you what it really looks like.
Once you start your beginner driving lessons course in Washington you will be a short time away from passing your driving test and driving your own car. ┬áHaving your own car isn’t just a great thing for your ego but the endless opportunities having your own set of wheels is pretty much endless.

For a start, how long does it take and how many buses do you need to get to work or college. For the sake of argument; we’ll say one bus and from door to door it takes you an hour, so that includes leaving your place, walking to the bus stop etc. Thats 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week if you go Monday to Friday. Thats a long time right. Now how long would it take you if you drove? 20 minutes? That’s the reality.
You are gaining 8 hours a week, to spend how you want on your life from our simple example.

When you start learning to drive excitement can tangle with a little intrepidation as this is your first experience of driving and that is quite normal. What your driving instructor will do on your first lesson or 2 is take you to a quiet area, free from traffic and neighbours. Here you will feel good about starting to learn to drive and while you know you are going to make a few mistakes, you really won’t mind.

By the end of your first driving lesson, you will have an experience to remember and ready for your next.
We recommend you take regular lessons, people who only have one hour at a time or 7 or more days in between lessons forget what they are learning and little progress is made. Ideally lessons will be at least 90 minutes long and you will find a way to take a lesson every 3 or 4 days. Learning this way will actually mean you need fewer lessons overall, as you are remembering what you learned and have less need for going over what you have already been taught.