Female Driving Instructors in Washington

Female driving instructors in Washington count for around 20% of all instructors in the area, so while finding a female driving school in Washington is fairly easy, getting hold of an instructor who is not full, can you take you on within the next few days and is of decent quality is a bit trickier.

What we have got for you today are a set of questions you can ask our team or any female driving instructor in Washington to make sure you are making the right choice. Just because the instructor is female doesn’t mean you will get the lessons you are hoping for.

What a lot of leaner drivers will do is go with a recommendation, but what works for one person doesn’t always work with another. And it turns out that many people learning to drive will try at least 2 different instructors, which usually means the first instructor wasn’t good enough. So here are a list of questions you can ask…

1. If I fail my driving test do you offer any refunds, free tests or guarantees?
2. If I do not enjoy my first lesson with you and feel I perhaps need to go elsewhere do I have to pay for trying you out?
3. What is your best piece of advise for anyone trying to pass their driving test?

These simple 3 questions are all about how good the instructor feels about their service.
Listen to what they have to say, are you satisfied with those answers?
Here are some more questions.

4.  What is your DVSA driving instructor grade?
5. When were you last graded?
6. What additional training have you since taken to maintain and improve your skills and services?

These are great questions to ask, and lots of male and female driving instructors in Washington, in fact nearly all, will have been ever been asked these questions, but it is important you do.
The questions most learners ask are about price, pass rates, and how many hours will it take to pass the test, however these questions don’t really help you discover the true quality of a driving instructor.

Give our friendly team a call today, we’ll help you get your driving licence.